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London Festival of Architecture

Housing Estate Regeneration

Eye catching PVC conic

Exploring the ‘demands exceed supply’ crisis that is facing London, how our city can house its residents and how this can be done without compromising city dwellers quality of life.

No issue is more talked about in London today than the provision of affordable housing. Housing estates across the city are being seen both as a problem – with issues of deprivation and maintenance which need to be solved - and an opportunity to create more housing on underutilsed land. However, they are currently home to thousands of people who are often displaced by this process of regeneration.

If London is to continue as a thriving working city, collective solutions need to be sought. Housing which fulfils people’s needs and creates the opportunity for productive, happy lives must be provided. Architects are uniquely skilled to propose solutions, and the events identified within this theme interpret both the problems and solutions in different ways, offering up the opportunity to create thriving communities.


What is a housing designer paid?

The average interior designer earns about $30,000 a year in their first year. Pay increases with experience.

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