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Illustrated New York - James

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The Vermont Art in State Buildings [AISB] program helps to support and promote the work of Vermont artists, and is designed to preserve and enrich the state's cultural landscape for its citizens and visitors. The program is administered by the Vermont Arts Council in partnership with the Department of Buildings and General Services and is dedicated to enhancing working environments by improving the character and quality of State-owned buildings and public spaces.


Since 1988, more than two dozen projects in different locations around the state have contributed to artistic environments of distinction that provide enjoyment to and are a source of pride for all Vermonters.The Vermont Art in State Buildings Act (No. 267 of 1988) was passed by the State Legislature, with strong support from Vermont artists, communities and businesses, in recognition of and in answer to the need to encourage the work of Vermont artists, to enhance and preserve our cultural environment, and to provide artistic enrichment for Vermont citizens and visitors.

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The Art in State Buildings Act requires that $50, 000 (total annual allocation for the acquisition of art from no more than two selected capital construction projects) be transferred to an Art Acquisition fund for the purpose of providing works of art in public buildings and facilities.


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