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Internationally-Trained Professionals Information

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Welcome to the Internationally Trained Professionals Information page. Since our inception in 1890, an average of 40% of our membership has identified a country of origin other than Canada. To quote OAA Past President Sheena Sharp “Architecture is an international profession that is licensed provincially”.

All the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities agree on certain conditions for licensure. Those conditions can be found in the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) Manual. Criteria specific to Ontario can be found in Appendix “B” to the IAP Manual.

If you are an architect licensed in the USA there may be an agreement between jurisdictions that specifies whether or not you are entitled to be licensed without meeting other criteria in this jurisdiction.

There is specific information in Appendix “B” about architects who were trained internationally. There is important information in the document entitled “ From Intern to Architect”.

The first step in becoming licensed in Ontario is to have your education certified by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). The CACB Certification information and application are available at . Enquiries about academic certification for architects should be addressed to the CACB at 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1508, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7, Tel: 613-241-8399, Fax: 613-241-7991, or e-mail:

Below you will find a link to the e-career map. There is also information about transition programs for internationally trained professionals who wish to develop familiarity with Canadian terminology and Ontario’s laws and standards. This is not an OAA program or an OAA requirement. Information about this useful program is only available from JVS.

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