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Architecture; waterloo

Future undergraduate students

students working on a line-drawing project

The undergraduate program

The Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree provides the foundation of skills, knowledge, judgment and practical experience required for subsequent professional studies in architecture. Though the Academic Program is pre-professional, it is fully dedicated to imparting to students the culture and practice of design. Design is a synthetic activity. To do it well and serve the needs of the individual and society requires an extremely broad education. Students acquire an understanding of the workings of society and culture, of the principles of physics, of materials and techniques of construction, of the human interaction with the natural and built environment, of historical process, of critical thought and of the diverse forms of creative expression. Co-operative Education is one of the keystones of the Architecture program at the University of Waterloo. Beginning in second year, students alternate 4-month school terms with 4-month paid co-op terms working for architects and designers.

Admission process and requirements

As a part of our admission process, your creative and linguistic skill set are carefully considered. Although academic performance is a good indicator of your preparedness for our School, we must look beyond academic grades, to be sure that you are ready to successfully partake in design, culture, technical and environmental courses.

Applicants to the School of Architecture will be initially screened on the basis of academics. This process will further consider 450-500 students for admissions to the School of Architecture. These students are required to participate in an interview as part of the admissions process. A portfolio of creative work must also be presented at the time of the interview. In addition, a test in the form of an English précis will be required of applicants on the day of their scheduled interview. Admission to the School depends equally on success in the results of the interview, the portfolio and the précis test. An Admissions Information Form (AIF) is also required.

With the high number of applications, students will normally need an overall average low – mid 80’s and at least a grade of 75%(usually 80%) in English and at least high 70’s in Physics and the two required mathematics courses to be considered for an interview. If offered admission, a final mark of at least 70% in the required course, 75 in English is needed to maintain an offer of admission. It is also recommended that students take visual arts, history and other cultural studies courses.

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