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Buying An Art Deco Ring

MR936axNH21diamondside (2)The roaring twenties saw the start of the Art Deco design period, this lasted all the way through the Depression years of the 1930s. Modernity made its mark with bold, streamlined, geometric statements (think Empire State, Chrysler Building and Golden Gate Bridge), which translated beautifully into striking and sophisticated jewellery designs.

Platinum reigned supreme to showcase fine white diamonds, which were often accented with calibre sapphires or black onyx. Diamond and vibrant coloured gemstone rings, and elongated dinner rings, were complimented with opulent bracelets stacked on both wrists, and double clip brooches and sautoir length necklaces were all the rage.

70 years on original Art Deco pieces, particularly rings, are difficult to find in good condition. Modern jewellery manufacturing methods have allowed us to recreate these pieces, a must for the minimal look in vogue at present. Take a look at my selection of Art Deco rings for sale in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

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