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House-- On the Go

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Tiny house on the move

With wheels, traditional proportioning and archetypal form, these revolutionary RVs are designed to be portable while providing maximum comfort. Sizes range from about 117 to 172 sq ft and include a full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, main room and more. We deliver to your door or help you build your own with our plans, trailers and barn raisers.

Where can I put it?

A Tumbleweed Tiny House is a Recreational Vehicle(RV), so you can put it wherever you would put an RV.

How do utilities work?

Tumbleweeds come with standard RV hookups for water and electrical. Propane is optional. Off-grid options are also available.

How is it insulated?

We use spray foam insulation (R-20) so that our Tiny House RVs exceed the minimum code requirements by 200%. A Tumbleweed can easily handle temperatures below 0° Fahrenheit.

Is financing available?

Yes. Tumbleweeds can be financed using RV loans. Some banks and most credit unions have RV financing; local credit unions generally offer the best rates and terms.

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