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Landscape Architecture Edinburgh

Landscape Architecture - MLA

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Landscape Architects plan and design spaces and places. They work across a diverse range of environments from urban to rural and at scales ranging from the garden to the region­.

As a Landscape Architect, you’ll join a chartered profession regulated by the Landscape Institute in the UK and recognised internationally.

Study the MLA in Landscape Architecture and you’ll fast track your way to the starting point of Pathway to Chartership, the Landscape Institute’s professional Exam or its international equivalent in just 21 months.

Joining one of the UK’s most respected programmes, you’ll develop an understanding of materials, technology, cultural and natural processes enabling you to design functional and sustainable environments with identity.

Who should study Landscape Architecture?

If you’re a recent graduate or a professional who would like to develop a career in landscape architecture, this fast track programme is for you.

Most likely you’ll have a design background or be able to demonstrate some creative flair; you may have an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture or in a related subject such as geography, planning or ecology.

The 3D Book of Scotland. Anaglyph 3D images of Scottish architecture, culture, nature, landscapes in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Falkirk, the highlands and more. (3D Books 92)
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What is a housing designer paid?

The average interior designer earns about $30,000 a year in their first year. Pay increases with experience.

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