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English Country House Plans


The Unique English Country house plan is generally accepted as a large house or mansion, although Monster House Plans has a solid selection of moderately sized English Country house plans for you to choose from. The country houses of England have evolved over the last 500 years. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the country house served as a place for relaxing, fox hunting, polo, and picnicking for the British elite. The English Country House was practically a township in itself, providing employment to literally hundreds of people in the vicinity of its estate. Those working on an estate were among the most fortunate, as they were fed and housed for free in exchange for their services.

The English Country house plan encompassed many styles including Tudor, Queen Ann, Gothic, Victorian, and Shingle Style. Cottage houses also fall into the English Country house category. Typical features are:

  • Sloping, uneven roof
  • Brick, stone or stucco siding
  • Steep cross-gables
  • Dutch-doors
  • Small, diamond-paned windows
  • Prominent chimneys
  • Timber framing
The English Country House often had names affixed to them such as 'Manor' or 'Hall'. These were the grand, almost castle-like house plans that featured a Grand Hall that fed the different wings. Kitchens we outfitted with numerous fireplaces for cooking and entire wings were devoted to laundry. The servants had their own quarters (not private), and immense, richly paneled libraries occupied tremendous space. Remember the childhood book "The Secret Garden". Oh, how that epitomized the English Country house plan!

The English Country Cottage houses were much more modestly appointed, often bringing to mind a storybook house or Hansel and Gretel house. Although thatched roofs are no longer considered wise, we all seem to keep that picture in our minds.

The days of the 'Manor' are gone, but today's designer and architect can still capture the romantic charm of the English Countryside estate. The English Country house plans of today's architecture will evoke the romantic exterior of the era, but offer all the modern interior features today's family desires.

Monster House Plans has an ever-growing selection of English Country house plans for your review. The owner of is a licensed architect and available to answer any questions you may have about an English Country house plan.

Monster House Plans offers a 30 day price guarantee on the purchase of your plans as well. We will beat any collaborative site's advertised price by 5% up to 30 days after you purchase your plans. Now you can shop with confidence knowing that you will be purchasing at the very best price.

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