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British Architecture in India

Posted on March 7, 2023 – 04:22 pm

Development Of Colonial

Historians regard the year 1757 as the starting point of the British Empire in India, even though large parts of the country remained under the rule of Indian princes. It took nearly another hundred years for the East India Company and the British government to extend British rule to northern and western India. The British ruled over the Indians for nearly two centuries, when finally in 1947, India gained independence and became a sovereign state.

During these years, the British introduced innumerous reforms in India. They developed roads, introduced better means of communication, built great cities and buildings to facilitate their smooth governance over the large Indian sub-continent. Renowned architects of the likes of Lutyens, Edward Frere, Le Corbusier, etc. laid layout plans for some modern Indian cities and designed exquisite buildings during this period. These buildings and monuments still stand high glorifying the excellence of these icons of modern architecture.

When the British government had consolidated its position in India, it decided to redefine its administration. A whole new Government architecture was developed. During the initial phase, the East India Company's main interest in India was to generate internal revenue for promoting its trade but under the British government, India developed as a colony and British dominion.

The government developed a transport network to help its economic, military, and administrative operations. Railway building in India was done for both military and economic reasons. Government buildings were erected and new cities developed. The foundation stone for British architecture was laid down.

In the subsequent pages to follow, a series of information has been provided regarding some exquisite examples of British architecture in India and also the life of some ingenious architects who contributed to it.


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