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Logical Homes Prefab Container Homes

CATALAN-3210-frontWhen we first mentioned Logical Homes in August 2007, I guess we didn’t realize how long it would be until the company actually launched. But I think the wait has been worth it. Logical Homes is officially out of pre-launch and just published details of their first three home designs. The company is run by a whole list of folks, but the most notable is probably their Creative Director and COO, Peter DeMaria. He’s a high profile expert in container architecture — don’t miss this video of him talking about container homes. Let’s check out what Logical Homes just introduced:

You’re probably interesting in pricing, and we’ll get that information to you as soon as we get it. In the meantime, check out how Logical Homes‘ houses will be green. Recycled ISO cargo containers will be a core structural element of each home. In addition, the homes will feature sustainably harvested woods; bamboo floors; low-VOC caulks, paints, and adhesives; passive and active solar systems; energy-efficient envelope and design; long-lasting cool roof; high-quality, operable windows and design for ventilation; LED and CFL lighting; water-efficient fixtures and dual-flush toilets; and construction waste will be minimized through factory fabrication. Logical Homes will work with anyone wanting to use solar, solar thermal, wind, or gray water systems.

AEGEAN-640-frontAEGEAN 640 and 896
Pictured below is a rendering of the 640 square foot Aegean. With a fierce cantilevered roof and small footprint, this is the kind of home you could put most anywhere. It’ll make a statement, that’s for sure.

SETO 1692, 1960, 3164, and 3580
Pictured below is the front and back of the 1692 square foot Seto. You can more than double it in size with the larger versions of this model. The floor plan gives you an open, “great room” with the kitchen, dining room, and family room all together.

CATALAN 2027 and 3210
Pictured below is the front and back of the 2027 square foot Catalan. The larger model has two levels, but both have been designed to provide an interior studio-type feel. With the unique bi-fold hangar or roll-up doors, these homes open up to the outdoors nicely.

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