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Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Scotland will get its first 4DX cinema at Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street!

screen-posterCineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street is about to become the first cinema in Scotland to house 4DX – a revolutionary and immersive cinematic experience that puts the viewer at the heart of the action – with the opening night scheduled for 5th August 2016.

Introduced from South Korea and considered to be the biggest innovation in cinematic technology, the Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street 4DX auditorium will stimulate all five senses through high-tech motion seats and special effects such as wind, fog, rainstorm, lightening, bubbles, water, rain and scents. Available in both 2D and 3D formats, 4DX, which is exclusive to Cineworld in the UK, works in perfect synchronicity with the action on screen – creating the most exhilarating cinema experience yet!

4DX has been adopted by the big Hollywood Studios with more than 300 movies, including recent blockbusters such as Disney’s The Jungle Book and Independence Day: Resurgence, screened in 4DX. The hotly anticipated Suicide Squad will be one of the latest films available in 4DX and will be screened during the opening weekend.

Receiving ‘Cinema Innovation of the Year’ award by I3DS (International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society) in 2014 and the ‘Elison Award’ Silver prize in 2015, 4DX has also been highly praised by famous film directors such as Alfonso Cuaron, who directed Gravity and showed interest in making future projects in 4DX.

The 4DX auditorium, which is currently under construction – will house 136 specially designed seats, plus a curved screen measuring 11.6m by 5.0m – bigger than a double decker bus. The 18-screen cinema will also be getting a complete upgrade with a new bar, a Starbucks coffee shop and a Superscreen installed.

The Superscreen will be the second in Scotland seating 669 people, and will include a wall to wall screen reaching the ceiling, dual projectors giving a brighter 3D experience and breath-taking multidimensional sound with Dolby Atmos speakers, powered by 32 amplifiers. The Superscreen will be open to public from the 22nd July 2016.

Mike Wiles, General Manager at Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street, comments: “Over 150, 000 people have tried the 4DX experience with Cineworld since opening last year and absolutely loved it, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be opening our first 4DX in Scotland. There’s nothing like it in the area and it’s totally exclusive to Cineworld. We cannot wait to see customers’ reactions when they try it out in August!”

“We are always looking at the latest innovations in technology, and with our offering now including 4DX as well as Superscreen, we are giving customers more choice to watch a movie how they want. We’re confident Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street will be the best place to watch a movie.”


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