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Is the door jammed? Never mind!

Posted on March 27, 2020 – 09:47 pm

Even the most expensive and high-quality locking mechanism can jam. In such cases, you need to call Locksmith Manchester immediately. However, sometimes you can open the door if the lock is jammed, without help.

Before solving the problem, it is necessary to determine why the mechanism is jammed. There are a number of reasons why a structure may fail:

- Some objects that accidentally fall into a keyhole.

- Dirt and trash. Lack of necessary care.

- Careless handling of the door.

- A skew of the door-frame.

- Unprofessional door installation.

- Damage to the spring mechanism.

- Manufacturing defects.

You can try to clean the keyhole from debris and dust to open the door, if the lock is jammed. Lubricate the device and try to open it again. If the mechanism is jammed because the door is skewed, you need to find a wedge and insert it into the gap between the door-frame and the leaf. This will allow you to get back the door to its original position. After leveling, the door should open. If it doesn’t open, call 24 hr locksmith Manchester any time. They arrive quickly and deal with the problem in a very short time.

The cross-shaped lock easily opens without a key with a chewing gum and a screwdriver. Chewing gum is laid in the well. After that, insert and carefully rotate the screwdriver. A few turns will allow the chewing gum to take the form of a key, and the locking mechanism will open.

Lock problems can occur due to a key inserted from the inside. If it is not rotated, you can try to push the key with a hairpin or a nail through the keyhole. The locking mechanism, which has been in intensive use for a long time, must be lubricated. After processing, carefully insert and remove the key. You can tap it lightly, while gradually pushing the key inward. Do it slowly so as not to break the device completely.

Image by Schluesseldienst from Pixabay

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