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Cardiff University Architecture entry requirements

Posted on November 3, 2014 – 10:05 am

Cardiff University, Welsh

This information applies to the BSc in Architectural Studies and the MArch (Part 2).

All applications are considered on individual merit, taking into account a range of factors including academic qualifications and/or predictions, the Personal Statement, reference(s) and portfolio. Our standard offer of AAA at A level is there to give applicants an idea of the sort of grades we usually ask for and the actual grades we can make an offer on may differ.

A good portfolio for example may enable us to offer lower A level grades - the lowest would be ABB.

All candidates must also have a GCSE Grade B in Mathematics and English Language or equivalent.

We also require all candidates to submit a small portfolio. This should consist of 4 sheets of A4 size reproductions of some of the applicant’s art and/ or design work. In general we do not accept any portfolios in digital format but require printouts only. The portfolio need not be architectural in any way and may include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, product design or any other work in visual design. We will not be able to return your work to you, so please do not send originals. The copies may be in any appropriate format (photographic, photocopy, digital printouts), but please make sure that they are of sufficiently high quality to do justice to your work. Letters of verification confirming that the portfolio is the applicant’s own work must accompany the portfolio. The letter should be on the School/ College headed paper and signed by a tutor. In the case of mature students, the letter should be written and signed by someone with connections to the industry- ie, architect. The portfolio should be sent to the Admissions Administrator at the School.

We will not consider your application until we have received both the UCAS form and the portfolio. Where a portfolio is of exceptionally high quality, lower academic qualifications may be acceptable. Mature students who do not have these or equivalent qualifications, but who have strong motivation and relevant skills and experience, should contact the School to discuss the possibility of being admitted.

Entry to the MArch is invited from graduates from other schools who have at least an upper second class degree giving exemption from RIBA Part 1. Selection is based on an interview with design portfolio.

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