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How to find peace of mind?

Posted on March 27, 2019 – 05:21 pm

Sometimes people are forced to face problems at work, in the family and with friends, outbreaks of aggression, misunderstanding, disappointment and discouragement as a result. Someone is desperate, but others are looking for a way to cope with mental decline and move on. If you are caught up with such troubles and you are looking for a way to overcome them and find peace of mind, then one of the best ACIM books is just for you. The Course in miracles is a spiritual thought system designed for self-study. Its essence is that the path to universal love and peace, or the memory of God, lies through the eradication of guilt by forgiving oneself and others. The Course in miracles also highlights that it is just one version of the universal curriculum among "thousands of others."

The Course in miracles was first published in 1975 by the organization specially created for the publication and distribution of the Course in miracles - Foundation for Inner Peace. Those who would like to know the secret to happiness in life, a Course in Miracles is recommended to read. This book has become a guide to the world of happiness, health and success for many people. Every sentence in a course in miracles books is a new thought, a step towards a new, changed consciousness. It's not even a book, it's a key. It will work regardless of whether you understand it or not. Just read a few pages. Perhaps you will reconcile with those with whom you have not been able to reconcile or you will do something about that very thing you could not think or believe before, or maybe just learn to forgive. Forgiving and giving are the key concepts of miracles in this wonderful book.

And they are sure to be transferred into your life. You can even cure someone you love (if you love). Be attentive to what will happen around you and in yourself and you will understand that this is not just a book - it is truly a gift of God. An amazing transforming book that says there are only two worlds - the world of fear (the world of ego) and the world of love (the Kingdom of God). The book says that the suffering of man is from the duality between ego and love. And what is the most valuable that exercise for every day for the entire year is given there. The purpose of the book is not to impose an opinion, but to help a person to find his Inner Teacher.

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