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Benefit of GoPro for builders

Posted on April 25, 2019 – 08:13 pm

Why Carpenters and Builders May Benefit From a GoPro?

Carpenters are responsible for dealing with wooden materials and crafting or installing this material. During their work, it could be beneficial to have a GoPro camera while working on particular projects and jobs. It may seem strange, but there are a lot of potential uses for a GoPro in a carpenter's line of work.

Before and After

Carpenters at Eastwood's Carpentry often use GoPro cameras to film their projects or job sites before and after completion, giving both the carpenters and their customer(s) a way to view the progress of the project and compare the before and after footage. This gives a great way of showcasing a portfolio when it comes to bespoke carpentry for kitchens and other home improvements.

Customer Approval

By filming their work with a GoPro, these carpenters can provide updates to customers and their employers, and get final approval on their projects from the camera footage instead of having to get their work physically approved on-site. This makes finishing the project easier and does away with complications that may arise from a lack of communication.

Off-Site Pricing

When they are able to take videos of the property/project they are working on these carpenters can view the site while they aren't there and provide pricing and other relevant information to the customer. A GoPro would also allow the carpenter to make plans for the project without physically being on-site.

Training Purposes

The video footage gathered by a GoPro camera could be used to train apprentices to perform particular tasks and also to allow different tradesmen the opportunity to see the carpentry being done on a collaborative project with other building companies, electricians, plumbers and other tradesmen.

Another way that a GoPro camera could be used to train carpenters is to allow them to review their work and the way they perform their job, possibly showing them areas where they can improve or areas that they are doing well in.

Catching Mistakes

Having all of their projects and jobs recorded means that their carpenters can catch mistakes and fix them before completing the project altogether by reviewing the footage daily, making it easier to finish a job right the first time instead of having to start completely over if a mistake is made that could have been fixed if it had been caught.

Equipping carpenters with a GoPro camera comes with many benefits, and the cameras contribute a lot to the overall efficiency and quality of a carpentry job.

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